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  Margo Mateas writes the popular “Media Relations Maven” column for Tactics, the official newspaper of the Public Relations Society of America.  

There is no substitute for The Maven’s powerful, real-world training.

Bringing The Media Relations Maven in to work with your staff accomplishes a number of things that even the best in-house training programs can’t. The Maven brings an impressive 20-year toolbox of tips and techniques that are proven to instantly generate press coverage.

From seasoned pros to junior staff,
these are the Maven's Seven Guarantees of Training:

  1. Public Relations Your staff will immediately get more press hits

  2. You will get more of the hits you really need, including national media

  3. Your staff will enjoy and look forward to pitching

  4. Your staff will develop more story angles

  5. Your staff will know how to turn small stories into feature coverage

  6. Your staff will become confident with editors and will develop relationships

  7. Your staff will thank you – profusely – for giving them this training
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Seven Reasons To Choose An Outside Trainer

Thinking about confining your company’s media relations training to an in-house program? Your staff will feel more comfortable admitting shortcomings and asking questions of a friendly, outside expert who is not a peer or a manager. Here are seven reasons to choose an outside trainer:

  1. public relations trainingProfessional trainers know how to engage audiences and help participants learn.

  2. In-house trainers are not likely to have real-world journalistic experience.

  3. Co-workers or supervisors usually conduct in-house training, both of which prevent real buy-in and learning, as people either act like they already know the material or discount it because the training is conducted by someone familiar.

  4. In-house training tends to be superficial, both in content and in the time devoted to training.

  5. The majority of those experienced in performing media relations cannot effectively teach it to others.

  6. In-house training requires an ongoing time and staff commitment that most companies can’t afford.

  7. Professional training gives participants proven, immediately-useable information which results in increased press coverage.

“Margo is a media coach extraordinaire… we set media goals at the beginning of the year that many people thought we could never achieve. Largely due to Margo’s training, we conquered the entire year’s metrics in the first quarter!”
- The Benjamin Group

"Our staff is much more excited about media relations now… we are landing more national press and one associate has already doubled her press coverage.”

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