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What is the Public Relations Training Company?

PR TrainingThe Public Relations Training Company is the nation’s premier media relations training firm. Founded in 2001, PRTC helps Fortune 500 companies, PR agencies, governments, non-profits, independent practitioners and students get more press coverage. Known all over the world as The Media Relations Maven from her popular column in PRSA's Tactics, PRTC President Margo M. Mateas is a former newspaper journalist and a 20-year PR veteran.



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We teach the inside secrets of scoring break-out press coverage,
including how to:
  • Secure top-tier national coverage
  • Break into business and financial outlets
  • Create blockbuster media relations campaigns
  • Develop feature coverage from minor stories
  • Generate press coverage when there’s “no news”
  • Develop ongoing relationships with key reporters
  • Pitch editors over the phone in just 15 seconds
  • Write attention-grabbing emails editors respond to
  • Write effective press releases
  • Overcome negative publicity and turn reporters around

We provide a wide variety of custom public relations and management training

  • On-site public relations workshops
  • Media relations seminars
  • Audio conferences
  • Books
  • CD's
  • Individual coaching

Who benefits from PRTC training?

  • PR agencies wanting to get account staff new ideas and more effective media relations skills
  • PR managers wanting to generate more publicity about their products & services
  • Independent practitioners looking for someone to bounce ideas off of
  • CEOs who want to take their company PR to the next level
  • PR students seeking the real-world media relations training they didn’t get in college
  • Business owners wanting to generate publicity for their businesses
  • Marcom managers taking over the PR function

PRTC also does strategic planning and management consulting

Does your company need help with strategic planning, management issues or troubleshooting a project? PRTC can blast through what’s holding you back and get you where you need to be – in a single session.

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