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  Margo Mateas writes the popular “Media Relations Maven” column for Tactics, the official newspaper of the Public Relations Society of America.  

What is your return/refund policy ?
Our refund policy is based on the belief that the content and quality of our products and services is superior and will always meet and/or exceed your expectations. In the rare and unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with something you purchased from this website, please contact our office immediately at 405-691-1333 so we can resolve the issue for you. We will make every effort to replace a defective product another product or service that that meets or exceeds your expectations. Our goal is to make you a happy, returning customer, rather than sending you away unhappy with a refund.

Do you sell any email addresses clients give to you to others?
No. Uh-huh. No way. Never.

Do you send email promotions to people who order from your site and provide their email address?
No, but we probably should! Currently, we only email people who sign up for our Maven's Tip of the Week opt-in e-newsletter, and to people who opt-in for that subscription by giving us their business card during a seminar. So, if you want to hear about new products, workshops and events, be sure and give us your email address on the Contact Us page (Dan, insert page url link here).

Do you have any opt in/out for receiving this material?
Yes. Currently, our email newsletter is handled by, which has a strict no-spam policy, and which monitors all opt-outs and spam reports from our e-newsletter subscribers. In seven years of doing business, we have never had a spam report filed against us, and we never intend to, because we hate spam as much as you do. If we could telepathically market to our clients, we probably would, except that would be even worse, because we're all on brain overload already.

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